Upgrade the quality of your restaurant & boost your sales!

Upgrade the quality of your 

restaurant & boost your sales!


Charcoal Ovens
Faster than an open grill. Unique flavor, texture and juiciness for all types of meat, fish and vegetables that can be cooked at the same time.
Chicken Rotisserries
The planetary system contributes to an even and fast roast. It guarantees the perfect result for roasting chicken and all kinds of meat and fish.
Parrilla Grill
Ergonomic design with adjustable grids for temperature regulation. Three different types of grids for all types of food and cooking techniques.
Robata grill
A barbecue in which food is cooked at different speeds over charcoal. Ideal for seafood and vegetable bites, but all types of food can also be grilled.
Churrasco Rotisserries
Grilling meat skewers has never been so easy, thanks to the skewer rotation system on the coals that ensure a perfect and uniform grilling.

Grill with passion and grow your business.

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