Chicken Rotisserie

It is a closed type of rotisserie that guarantees the perfect roasting result of chickens and all kinds of meat and fish.

Inspired by the traditional Greek culinary techniques of spit-roasting and the French medieval tradition of chicken Rotisserie, it has been designed and created in accordance with the modern kitchen requirements.

The sophisticated planetary spinning system contributes both to the uniform and fast roasting.

This robust machine, made with high quality stainless steel, works both with wood and charcoal which can be easily loaded at a back cabin through a lateral door. The firebrick coating of the cabin and the refractory glass door for continuous inspection of the roasting process assure the heat containment and efficiency.

The ash collector drawer in the back cabin and the grease collector tray with the evacuation tap facilitate the cleaning of the rotisserie.

Choose between the small or the big model and get ready to live the absolute roasting experience.




18-24 Chickens
350 kg


36-42 Chickens
440 kg