Orders must be sent by e-mail or fax and will be accepted only after reception of the order confirmation. For the orders regarding special constructions, it is required a drawing with the details of the desirable construction. For every order the Customer accepts our General terms and Sale conditions without reserve. Eventual variations must be consented and confirmed by our Company and will be valid just for the referred sale.

Prices in our company´s catalog are tax-free, transport-free, packaging -free and free of every other burden, duty or tax. Prices are susceptible to variations without previous formal notice, due to raw material and labor cost increase. However, the price given at the time of order remains valid.

Payments must be made in our establishments or via wire transfer to our company´s bank account, as reported on the order confirmation and at the bottom of this page. Payments are made in advance by depositing the total amount at the time of the order confirmation. No approximations, arbitrary reductions or delays are admitted.

Delivery terms depend on the availability of the products at the specific time of the order. Delivery time is communicated with the release of the quotation/offer. Products are always carried on Buyer´s responsibility and risk.

Our products are under guarantee for 12 months from the delivery date only for design or constructional deficiencies. Repair or substitution is possible only when a product was originally defective (at the time of delivery). The Buyer should inspect the products immediately after the delivery and any complaints or arguments must be sent to our company within five (5) business days. The risk of loss, destruction or damage of the product during the shipping is the Buyer’s or carrier’s responsibility, even if the shipping order has be given by our Company at the request of the Buyer.

The Buyer or the End user is responsible for any damage caused due to wrong or improper use. The Buyer or the End user must follow strictly the instructions of the user manual.

All repairs during the guarantee periods of 12 months, are perfomed in our factory in Greece. The Buyer is responsible for the shipping of the products and covers exclusively the shipping cost.


Country : GREECE

Beneficiary Name : BIOKAN ΟΕ

IBAN : GR1102602390000730200838130


Bank Address : OTHONOS STREET 8

Bank City: ATHENS

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