Roaster Charcoal Oven is a product made to meet the needs of the very demanding sector of Horeca. It is an appliance that every kind of Restaurant, Steak House, Brasserie and Bistro must have.

Roaster Charcoal Oven

  • Runs exclusively on charcoal
  • Has various levels of grilling
  • Boasts a modern closed barbeque design
  • Includes a vent system for temperature control
  • Assures perfect texture and flavor for all kinds of food (meat, fish, vegetables etc.)

Chicken Rotisserie

It is a closed type of rotisserie that guarantees the perfect roasting result of chickens and all kinds of meat and fish

Churrasco Rotisserie

Inspired from the Greek “souvlaki” on charcoal grills and the Hispanic “churrasco”, we create a modern appliance which combines both traditions

Robata Grill

The Roaster Robata combines the Greek and Japanese tradition as the food offered consists of morsels of seafood, vegetables as well as meat.

Parrilla Grill

The new Parilla Grill offers great gourmet taste and high kitchen productivity.

We have been manufacturing since 1989

BIOKAN has been manufacturing commercial kitchen equipment for 30 years. The application of the innovative ideas meets the needs of the modern and continuously developing food-service establishments.


HOST 2023

BIOKAN is going to participate in HOST 2023 in Milan.

Roaster New design

BIOKAN is updating and develop charcoal oven

HOST 2021

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